Star Trek’s Top 10 Federation Ships

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6 Prometheus

Class: Prometheus

Registry: NX-59650

Size: 415m

Top Speed: Warp 9.95

Armament: Phasers, Photon Torpedoes

Crew Complement: 175

Active in 2370’s

The Prometheus was an experimental ship that included a unique multi-vector assault mode. For a Federation ship it had a very battle first design, much like the USS Defiant.

Ironically the Prometheus’ multi-vector assault mode was first tried out by a group of Romulans that hijacked the vessel.

The Prometheus was a cool idea that like many things on Star Trek: Voyager wasn’t really carried out well. The multi-vector assault is an interesting concept, but it’s actual look and execution on the show were not very impressive. The Prometheus gets to #6 on it’s potential for greatness.

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