Star Trek’s Top 10 Federation Ships

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4 Voyager

Class: Intrepid

Registry: NCC-74656

Size: 344m

Top Speed: Warp 9.975

Armament: Phasers, Photon Torpedoes, Quantum Torpedoes

Crew Complement: 140

Active in 2370’s

Voyager as a ship was a breath of fresh air for Star Trek; the design was unique, but still harkened back to the classic Star Trek Federation vessel look.

Another one of our favorite things about Voyager was its size.  Voyager was less than half the size of the Galaxy Class vessels.  Star Trek had recently seen a trend of bigger and bigger ships, so it was nice to see a smaller ship of exploration. The Defiant was a smaller vessel as well of course, but it had a very different mission…

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