10 Reasons Picard Was The Best Star Trek Captain

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Jean-Luc Picard was a cultured chap who enjoyed a variety of healthy pursuits including archeology. He’d studied Iconian archaeology since Starfleet Academy and even addressed the Federation Archeological Council on more than one occasion. He was knowledgeable on literature and enjoyed Shakespearean plays. He also enjoyed fictional detective works and took part in holodeck simulations of the books he read. Following an encounter with one particular species, Picard started playing a special kind of flute that he’d hated since school.

Many memorable episodes were based around the pursuits of Captain Picard and he was certainly the most cultured captain we had the pleasure of seeing in a television series.

Cisko liked baseball.

Janeway liked the Prime Directive and 7 of 9.

Archer liked water polo.

Kirk liked punching things.

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