Star Trek’s Best Moms

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Mom’s have played an important role in Star Trek and our lives, so let’s celebrate them with this list of Star Trek’s best moms!

ICYMI: Paramount has registered the title “Star Trek 4” with the Motion Picture Association of America.

There are some really impressive mom’s in Star Trek, but these are our favorites.

Amanda Grayson

Mother of Spock and wife to Sarek Amanda Grayson was one impressive woman. Amanda Grayson served as a reminder to Spock of his humanity, keeping him in touch with his human side. In the end that human/Vulcan mix is what made Spock more than the average Vulcan or man.

The most impressive thing about Grayson may have been the ease with which she was able to navigate Vulcan culture as well as human.  While other humans seemed to have trouble understanding Vulcans it often appeared as though Grayson understood them better than they understood themselves.

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