Star Trek’s Best Moms

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She’s the mother to Quark and Rom, the grandmother of Nog, and the confidant, lover, and secret financial advisor to the Grand Nagus.

Ishka has to be the most impressive woman in Ferengi history, she single handedly change the Ferengi Alliance forever not just for women, but for all Ferengi. Ishka broke barriers on female Ferengi wearing clothes, owning property, and being able to speak to males.  Then she became the lover of the Grand Nagus and served as his secret financial advisor helping him run the entire Ferengi Alliance. Ishka was instrumental in changing the Nagus’ mind about Ferengi society and helping him push reform.

On top of all this Ishka manages to be one of the few people in the galaxy that can put Quark in his place. Have you called your Moogie today?

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