Star Trek Enterprise: What Might Have Been

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Revelation of T’Pol

I liked T’Pol, but only because she was super-hot. At the start of the show, even though she was a Vulcan and didn’t have emotions *yawn*she didn’t have much of a personality either. Her character improved towards the end and the relationship with Trip was brilliant; one of the best in all Star Trek series’ in my eyes. We met her mother in a couple of episodes, but we never met her father and Coto wanted to involve her father in season 5. He wanted to weave this into the coming Romulan War and it might have been that T’Pol’s dad was in fact, a Romulan.

Bringing Romulans into the show would have been difficult to do, given that Kirk met the Romulans in an episode of The Original Series. So, the revelation of T’Pol’s father would have had to happen without Starfleet finding out. It seems difficult to implement and unnecessary, but T’Pol would certainly have had a major factor in many of the big storylines of a season 5.

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