50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Michael Dorn

#WeWantWorf is the hashtag used by fans of Michael Dorn’s Worf on social media to express their desire to see more of Star Trek‘s most famous Klingon.

Worf was originally introduced on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but then made the leap over to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as well. Perhaps more than any other charecter in Star Trek we have seen Worf grow and deepen.

Originally Worf was the standard cross and grumpy Klingon, but by the end of his run in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine we saw the complicated man that was behind the stoic Klingon warrior. Some folks might think that we’ve seen enough of Worf, but we think there are still stories to tell. Worf is a lot like Spock in that he is a charecter with so much depth and potential that there will always be stories to tell no matter what Star Trek series he’s in. Michael Dorn has done an exceptional job bringing the son of Mogh to life and he has already said that he wants to revisit Worf.

The adventures of Captain Worf would certainly get the Star Trek fanbase talking.

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