50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Tony Sirico

Although he might be getting on a bit, nobody is gonna ‘mess’ with the ship that has Paulie Walnuts at the helm. Romulan’s? Klingon’s? Fuggedaboudit! We can imagine a few aliens getting ‘whacked’ if they step out of line. Tony Sirico was brilliant in the Soprano’s and he was instrumental to the success of the show. They won many awards and Paulie Walnuts became a household name. Whilst he does have the tough guy image, we think he can do something more and it would be awesome to have him in the show.

Tony Sirico lead a life of crime and spent time in prison before finding his true calling in life when he discovered acting. His tough-guy image and strong Italian-American accent led him to be cast in many gangster roles. Some would say that he has been typecast over the years and whilst that may be true, he has performed well as an actor when given roles that didn’t involve ‘whacking’ people.

If he doesn’t get the role of captain, they should at least make him an admiral in Starfleet. He should at the very least get a position as a teacher in Starfleet Academy “Listen up kids; space is a very dangerous place, accidents happen.”

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