50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Naveen Andrews

We didn’t really understand the television series Lost;  we got extremely lost whilst watching it. We think we missed an episode and then they suddenly went from survivors of a plane crash to battling mystical tribes with machine guns; it was all a bit too much for us. One actor who stood out amongst the group though was Naveen Andrews, and we really think he would make an excellent captain.

The Original Series of Star Trek was meant as a vision of the future and gave us hope that people of all nations could one day come together and work in harmony; without prejudice and without misconceptions. The Original Series had a Japanese helmsman, a Russian navigator, an African-American communications officer and a Scottish chief engineer at a time of divide amongst nations with the Cold War and civil liberties not yet fully realized. It was a simple idea that held a powerful message.

We’ve had characters from most backgrounds, but we are yet to see an actor of Indian origins on board. Naveen Andrews is an excellent actor and he has the acting skills, the life experiences, and the perfect demeanor to become an excellent Star Trek captain.