50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Ty Burrell

If we could prize Ty Burrell away from Modern Family, he would surely make a brilliant captain and he would certainly entertain all of his officers with witty remarks and comedic timing. We wouldn’t want Star Trek to become a comedy show, but a little dry humor might go a long way in the galaxy. Ty is one of the funniest and wittiest characters on television and I think that he could bring his charisma to Star Trek.

Ty currently plays the role of Phil Dunphy in Modern Family, the ‘cool dad’ who works in real estate and tries to raise his teenage children as best he can in a chaotic household. Having been involved in the show for 7 years, he might be looking for a new challenge and managing the crew of a starship might be right up his street. He could definitely bring a new dimension the role of captain, as they have all been extremely serious in the past.

Burrell has been in some serious roles before, including the popular movies Black Mass and Black Hawk Down, meaning that when it comes down to business and kicking alien behind, he is no stranger to the rough stuff, despite claiming to know all of the High School Musical dances.

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