50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Dulé Hill

Dulé Hilll makes everything he’s in incredibly fun without detracting from the depth and drama of the serious moments every series faces. As Gus on Psych, Hill’s witty repartee with James Roday was fantastic. The original Star Trek series was best when Kirk, Bones, and Spock got to have adventures and play off of each other. It made you feel like you were part of a group of friends that was also exploring the galaxy. Given the right supporting cast, Dulé Hill would make the perfect captain to recapture this magic.

On The West Wing, Hill’s Charlie Young was a character that brought humor to the show while also often being used to tie together many of the show’s secondary storylines. It demonstrates Hill’s ability to fit into a large ensemble cast without losing any of his charm. A big part of this new Star Trek show’s success will be based on its ability to not only capture the magic of the past but also on its ability to make Star Trek fun again for a new generation. Dulé Hill as captain would be perfect for this.

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