50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Stark Sands

If we made Stark Sands the next Star Trek captain, he would surely have the coolest name of any captain so far. Apart from having a really awesome name, Stark Sands is a really quality actor who has been involved in theatre, television and movies for quite some time. His work on stage has led him to be nominated for 2 Tony awards and he is widely respected in the business.

Generation Kill was the show where I saw Stark Sands display the leadership qualities that could be worthy of the Star Trek captain’s chair. He was an officer in the army during the invasion of Iraq and he was surrounded by a mixture of incompetent, gun-hoe and lethargic soldiers who had to be led effectively. He did a brilliant job of showing discipline and fairness to the men under his command; something a Starfleet captain would do well to remember.

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