50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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John Slattery

A Star Trek captain has to look the part and I think John Slattery has an extremely interesting look. It can’t really be said that there is an official recipe to the perfect Star Trek captain because we all like captains from the past for different reasons. We think John Slattery fits the bill as he is an extremely talented actor, an experienced guy and he looks the part. Depending on the story lines, the rest of the cast and the look of the show, having John Slattery as captain could make the show a big success.

He doesn’t have a lot of experience in sci-fi shows, but he does have a lot of superhero movies under his belt after starring in Ant-Man and Iron Man. Maybe he would be interested in moving from fantasy to science fiction.

We imagine Slattery to be in the same mold as Jean Luc Picard, except a little more abrasive and unafraid to offend people. He would be headstrong and smart, knowing exactly how to defeat his enemy without worrying about it too much.

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