50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler has been in everything from dramas to cartoons to talk shows. Tyler’s range would serve her well as the captain in a new Star Trek series. No matter what part she’s playing, it’s hard not to like her. As Lana Kane on Archer, Aisha Tyler is the one sane voice in a show filled with insanity. No matter what horrible things the rest of the Archer cast manages to do with other people, they know better than to push it with Lana. Lana isn’t taking any of your crap, and they all know it.

NSFW warning, this clip is from Archer after all.

We could see Tyler as a similarly no-nonsense captain in the new Star Trek series. Tyler’s captain could be as firm in her convictions as Sisko or Picard while also being a little lighter and more laid back in dealings with the crew members. Aisha Tyler’s quick wit would also make for fun interactions with her crew.

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