50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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John C. McGinley

Without wanting to turn Star Trek into a comedy show, I would absolutely love to see a Dr. Cox style rant in space! I can see it now; a young ensign inputs the wrong coordinates or translates a line of Klingon incorrectly which sends the captain into a full-blown tirade of futuristic nastiness. Having this kind of character, which McGinley played incredibly well in Scrubs, would add a sense of humanity to Star Trek that has possibly been lacking, and hopefully win over a whole new legion of fans. Apart from the monumental rants, McGinley had some of the more emotional scenes in Scrubs and portrayed an intense character full of flaws, self-loathing and good intentions.

If he could bring this to Star Trek, we would certainly be entertained by McGinley and we might even learn a thing or two.  In Scrubs, he always played a very intense character but he was extremely passionate about his job. He was dedicated to his role and performed his duties with pride. I think those are the perfect ingredients for a Star Trek captain.

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