50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott is an Irish actor with a growing reputation in the movie industry. Although he’s stared in many films, most of which we actually really like, our favorite performance of his was in Sherlock. He played Benedict Cumberbatch’s nemesis, Moriarty, and always seemed to have the upper hand over him until the infamous faked death scene. We honestly spent days wondering how he survived and watching the scene over and over again in slow motion.

Moriarty was deviously good as the bad guy in the Sherlock, but we believe this massively talented actor could easily play a good guy as well. What sort of captain would he be? We don’t believe he would be into judo chops and hand-to-hand combat, but I don’t think he would shy away from a firefight. He would be a wise captain who would form personal bonds with his crew and look after them in times of need.

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