50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Damian Lewis

Damien Lewis has a trophy cabinet full of acting awards for his various roles in major television shows. He was brilliant in Band of Brothers, and he was equally superb in Homeland. His performances have even led to calls by many for him to be crowned the next James Bond, although we are not entirely sure about a ginger James Bond. He may be currently one of the favorites to take over the tuxedo, Aston Martin and Walther PPK from Daniel Craig, but instead we think he should take command of a starship in the next television series of Star Trek.

We had to think about what kind of captain he would be, and we watched his performances in Band of Brothers one more time for research purposes (and because it was fantastic). We see Lewis as a diplomatic captain, with the skills and mental resources to tackle any political crisis. We don’t think he would be a fighter, but with a phaser by his side; he wouldn’t need to physically fight everyone.

Damian Lewis would be a strong captain, and he could inspire a new generation of fans to start following the show.

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