50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Dennis Haysbert

We loved 24 as a television show, even if in some ways it was deeply flawed. How on earth can he do all that in just 24 hours; it takes us about 3 hours just to crawl out of bed!

Dennis Haysbert played president David Palmer in the show, which means he has the credentials to lead a starship. He has a long list of credits in movies and television shows, usually portraying characters in positions of power.

Diplomacy is an important attribute for any Star Trek captain and all the incarnations so far have had bags of diplomatic experience and etiquette, except Kirk maybe, who just liked punching aliens. We think that Dennis Haysbert could be a fantastic captain who uses diplomacy to navigate disputes and difficult situations.

Haysbert has the skills to orchestrate a mission of exploration and handle any unexpected occurrences; he would also look super smart in a captain’s shirt.

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