Star Trek Debate: 5 Reasons Trip Was The Best Engineer

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Here’s why Star Trek Enterprise’s Trip Tucker was my favorite Starfleet engineer. 

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First of all, I reckon a lot of Star Trek fans are going to disagree with this one but hear me out! The role of chief engineer on every Starfleet ship has been pivotal in every single incarnation of Star Trek. In direct control of the ships warp core, weapons and life support, every living being on board the ship has their life in the trusted hands of the Chief Engineer. Every single Chief Engineer has saved the ship countless times using their unparalleled resourcefulness and quick thinking. All of the Chief Engineers were brilliant, of that there is no doubt. Scotty was the first in the role and set the standard extremely high. He was asked to do the impossible and often did it, even when he didn’t have enough power. He did however, admit to over-exaggerating issues to make them himself seem better. Geordi La Forge continued the role and took it forward but as with everything in TNG he was a little bit too perfect. Miles O’Brian was great as the engineer on DS9 but his ‘bromance’ with Dr Bashir was a bit too much to handle at times. B’Elanna Torres was a very resourceful engineer and credited with keeping the ship together in the darkest of times, miles away from home with limited resources. It was just a shame that many feel she never developed fully as a character.

Those are personal opinions and critique me by all means! But my favourite chief Engineer is Commander Charles Tucker III and here are my reasons why!

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