Star Trek Debate: 5 Reasons Trip Was The Best Engineer

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  1. He was new to the business

Charles Tucker III was an entirely different engineer to all the others in every sense of the word. First of all, the other engineers benefitted from hundreds of years of engine development and testing. Warp drive hadn’t been around too long before Trip Tucker got his hands on a warp engine so he had to be super resourceful in order to maintain the ship. He ended up writing half of the books that allowed the other engineers to push their ships to new lengths and new speeds.

In a similar sense to automobiles, cars nowadays are capable of self-driving, self-parking and telling us exactly what is wrong with them. A century ago, they ran the risk of exploding on short journeys and they wouldn’t travel faster than a brisk walk. But, those early pioneers were resourceful and allowed us to develop and get where we are today.

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