Star Trek Fans Should Embrace Being Called Trekkies


Star Trek fans should embrace the Trekkies moniker and make it their own.

ICYMI: Star Trek Beyond’s new poster is an epic tribute to the classic Star Trek The Motion Picture movie poster.

Some Star Trek fans have a huge problem with being called “Trekkies” and will only refer to themselves as “Trekkers”, however we think it’s time to embrace the Trekkie moniker and be proud of our geeky love.

We don’t know for sure, but the Trekkies vs Trekkers debate probably started in the 1960’s when a science fiction editor named Arthur Saha used the word “Trekkies” to describe a group of Star Trek fans who were wearing Vulcan ears. Apparently some fans thought the Trekkies name sounded like crazies and took offense to it and instead insisted on being called Trekkers.

The truth however is that there is no difference between Trekkie and Trekkers other than no one outside of the Star Trek world calls us Trekkers. When someone who doesn’t know Star Trek talks about Star Trek fans they inevitably use Trekkies. In one of our podcasts just last week Dorkside of the Force editor David Harris asked if it was polite to call us Trekkies.

It’s time to get over this and accept that we are Trekkies. Why not learn to love the name and make it our own? Are we crazy about Star Trek? I certainly am, so why not own that? Star Trek is a wonderful science fiction series that’s about a hopeful future for humanity based on science and reason; there are worse things to love.

Trekkies sounds fun and slightly humorous, much like Star Trek. I don’t know that “Trekkies” is what I would have named us if I was given the chance, but it isn’t going away. So let’s embrace the Trekkie name and be proud of our love for all things Trek!

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