The Craziest Costumes From Star Trek The Original Series

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Charlie X – Judo kirk

In the episode ‘Charlie X’, the Enterprise picks up a teenager who’d been living on his own since the age of 3. Understandably, the kid had some social issues so Kirk, being Kirk, decided to teach him about being a man; who better to learn from right? Well, he decided the best way was judo and promptly got the kid dressed up in a standard issue, Starfleet judo suit. Whilst everyone else on board wore the standard stuff, Kirk wore red tights and blue socks to prove his manliness. At least he had the Starfleet logo on his tights.

“Captain’s log, stardate 1533.7. We have taken aboard an unusual passenger for transport to Colony Alpha V. Charles Evans, the sole survivor of a transport crash fourteen years ago. The child, alone from age 3, has not only survived, but has grown to intelligent, healthy adolescence.”

Best episode quote:

"“There’s no right way to hit a woman.” – Kirk to Charlie, on slapping Rand’s bottom"

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