Kate Mulgrew Says She’d Be On The New Star Trek Series


Kate Mulgrew recently made an appearance on a UK chat show and reveals that she would welcome the chance to come back to Star Trek in the new series.

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Could we be set for another twist in the epic web of rumors surrounding the upcoming Star Trek television series? Well Kate Mulgrew, who played the first female captain, Kathryn Janeway, has told a British television chat show that she would love to reprise her role in the new series.

Star Trek Voyager ended in May 2001, 15 years ago as the crew made it home after a journey that took 7 seasons. But, it appears that our fiery captain has not quite given up hope of a return to the stars.

"Scottish chat show host, Lorraine, asked Mulgrew if she would consider it:“I want to be the admiral and I want to boss them around! Yes, she was lovely. That really was a game changer.”"

Kate has been busy since she left the show and found huge success as the feisty redheaded chef, Red, in the Netflix drama Orange Is The New Black. She spoke to Lorraine about the success of the show and her happiness in earning a Screen Actor’s Guild Award and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

"“I’m in bliss; I knew it was going to break the wave in a big, big way. It’s surpassed all expectations"

She also spoke about her first memoir which she titled Born with Teeth as she was born with a full set of teeth.

"“I was born with a perfect set of teeth. It was actually very dangerous because the baby can swallow them so the dentist had to come and take my teeth out. I had no sense of pain until I was four-years-old. I was a witch! That’s what a witch is.”"

It might be a stretch to imagine Brian Fuller bringing Janeway back but it would be exciting to see some sort of crossover and have actors from past seasons reprise roles.

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