The Star Trek Family Reacts To Anton Yelchin’s Passing


The outpouring of grief from the Star Trek family over the loss of Anton Yelchin is heartbreaking.

ICYMI: On June 18th 1947 Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry saved the lives of twenty two passengers on a Pan Am flight from Calcutta to New York and it changed his life forever.

The Star Trek family lost an incredibly talented and member yesterday in Anton Yelchin. Yelchin was so incredibly talented, and we lost him far too soon. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the JJverse or a die hard Star Trek purist, I never met a Trekkie who didn’t love Yelchin’s fantastic portrayal of Chekov.

The Star Trek family has of course reacted to this loss with the heart and love we’ve come to expect.

J.J. Abrams released a statement on behalf of the entire Star Trek family.

"Anton was our little brother. But only by years; he was as wise and clever and intellectually curious as anyone we ever knew. His laugh was preposterous – you couldn’t hear it and not laugh yourself. He was funny, edgy, wild and talented beyond measure. His focus and dedication was admirable, as was his love of family, friends, literature and music.We loved Anton, at work or at play. We are all shocked and numb and devastated by the world’s loss of an extraordinary young man.To his family, we send you our love during this impossible time.We will miss Anton forever.His Star Trek family"

But J.J. also spoke about his personal feelings out on the Bad Robot twitter account.

It’s not just J.J. though, everyone in the Star Trek family from William Shatner to Zachary Quinto is morning the loss of Anton Yelchin.

Of course it’s not just Anton’s JJverse family that mourns him.

Anton Yelchin didn’t just touch the word of Star Trek though, he made an impact on everyone he came across during his short time with us.

Today is incredibly sad, and I’m just heartbroken over Anton, but it’s also very heartwarming to see how the Star Trek family rallies together. Star Trek really is special in how it forges this a family out of everyone who’s a part of this franchise.

Anton won’t ever be forgotten.

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