Trek This: Laundry duty on the Enterprise


It’s time to catch up with Max Decker as he boldly goes about life as a redshirt in the hilarious Star Trek comic “Trek This.”

ICYMI: Chekov won’t be recast for Star Trek 4 after the passing of Anton Yelchin.

Like September 8th 1966 (The day Star Trek: The Original Series first aired), today will go down in history because it will see the launch of another groundbreaking Trek!

Trek This is the story of Max Decker, one lowly redshirt just boldly trying to survive his assignment to the laundry of the USS Enterprise. You’ll find Trek This each Monday morning at its new home on Redshirts Always Die!

It’s one humiliation to far for our hero Max Decker in todays strip, as he is ready to take the proverbial stick and break the first camels back he can find.

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Space, the final frontier, these are the voyagers of the star ship, Enterprise… and its redshirted crewman, Max Decker. Decker’s mission is to fast track up the chain of command as soon as he can, to become a respected member of the crew, and to not die a horrible pointless death in during his time as a redshirt. However, during the course of the USS Enterprise’s five year mission, he will quickly come to realize that while promotion is relatively easy, staying alive isn’t’, especially if you wear a red shirt!

“Trek This” is weekly comic set on board the Enterprise from the original series era of Star Trek, along the way we will meet characters old and new and find our main protagonist in the mists of some the episodes we know and love!

“Trek This” is written and Illustrated by David Milburn, a Star Trek fan since the age of 9 from the city of Liverpool in the UK. David is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator creating images using popular culture as his inspiration.

Find out more about David by checking out his portfolio or following him on Twitter!

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