The Star Trek Beyond cast loves to sing

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The best Dubsmash lip syncs and sing-a-long’s from the cast of Star Trek Beyond.

ICYMI: Bryan Fuller tweeted a picture of what appears to be the captain’s chair form the new CBS Star Trek series.

There’s no denying that the cast of Star Trek Beyond had one heck of a good time making the newest Kelvin timeline Star Trek film. One of the cast’s favorite activities was to make dubsmash videos where they lip sync along to popular music.

The leader of these lip sync adventures seemed to be John Cho.

Cho appears in more videos than anyone else.

Karl Urban also made a strong Dubsmash showing though.

Even Karl’s 4th of July message was a dubsmash hit.

Urban’s moon landing anniversary tweet, yep that was a Dubsmash too.

The party didn’t stop with the filming of the movie either, this crew kept on singing and dancing through the premieres and promotional stops.

It seems for the cast of Star Trek Beyond any get together is a good chance to sing and be silly.

We love how much fun this crew has together.