5 reasons Trekkies need to see Star Trek Beyond

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You said you wanted a movie that felt more like Star Trek, now you need to support it

I know we usually start with the easy stuff and work our way up to the important stuff, but let’s just start at the top. One of the big complaints I heard coming from the crowd that hated the other Kelvin timeline films was that they weren’t made for Star Trek fans, well this one is.

This movie is clearly made for Star Trek fans, it’s full of Star Trek from start to finish. I can’t get into every detail of how because I promised no spoilers; I’ll do that in another post later. Right now just take my life long Star Trek fan word for it.

That’s not to say non-Trekkies won’t enjoy the movie; my girlfriend isn’t a Trekkie and she loved it. She has seen the original Star Trek movies, and she enjoyed some of them (only masochists enjoy Star Trek V: The Final Frontier). She loved Star Trek Beyond… not as much as I did, but she loved it.

So you asked for them to make a movie for Star Trek fans, you said a movie for Trekkies would do well because the fans would support it, now is your chance to prove it.

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