New Star Trek series to be named Star Trek Discovery

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Sanction Some Fan Films

CBS and fan films have had a rocky relationship over the past year and we aren’t suggesting that CBS and Axanar are about to start getting along, CBS could take a better approach to fan films however.

The fan film guidelines that CBS and Paramount released were clearly overly restrictive and have caused a good bit of anger among a Star Trek fanbase that enjoyed making and participating in fan film creation.

CBS and Paramount should adjust their guidelines to be a bit more reasonable and maybe even welcome some of the fan productions into the fold. CBS could hold a fan film competition which would encourage and reward good fan films that followed their rules. Perhaps some of these fan films could even make their way to CBS All Access.

This would be another way for CBS to help encourage Trekkies to love Star Trek Discovery and CBS All Access and possibly turn a loss with the fanbase into a big win.

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