‘Star Trek: Celebrating 50 Years’ Comic-Con Panel Live Blog


All the news as it happens from this years CBS featured Comic-Con panel ‘Star Trek: Celebrating 50 Years.’

What a great panel, be sure to check out our article on Star Trek Discovery and thanks for hanging out with us! #LLAP

So we know the new Trek is called Star Trek Discovery AND we got a trailer!

6:08 EST: Star Trek Discovery

6:07 EST: A moment of silence for Anton and Nimoy.


6:06 EST: WHAT? No name?

6:04 EST: Some great photos of the panel.

6:03 EST: Fuller talks about adopting shelter pets.

6:01 EST: Some cat hating from Mr. Spiner.

6:00 EST: Shat is still being Shat.

5:56 EST: Jeri Ryan says it was hard joining Star Trek: Voyager mid run.

5:55 EST: I think Ferengi would be a beautiful name for a child.

5:54 EST: Shat being the Shat.

5:53 EST The panel is talking about their favorite species.

5:52 EST This is one packed panel.

5:51 EST Brent Spiner wants replicators, and we agree.

5:48 EST Star Wars guy got booed, but Jeri Ryan reminded everyone that Star Trek is about being inclusive!

5:47 EST Guy wearing a Star Wars shirt to the Star Trek panel, COME ON MAN!

5:46 EST New Star Trek series will continue to be smart, as it should be.

5:44 EST Guinan!

5:43 EST Video of the panel being introduced.

5:42 EST All kinds of captains are here.

5:40 EST Fuller says Janeway was his captain.

5:39 EST Brent Spiner of course did his Patrick Stewart impression.

5:37 EST The new Star Trek won’t be monster of the week.

5:35 EST Indeed!

5:34 EST Tell us what you know about the new show Bryan!

5:33 EST: William Shatner was weirding out Brent Spiner.

5:32 EST: This is a great panel so far.

5:29 EST: There are a lot of empty mics, I think we may be getting casting news about the new Trek!

5:27 EST So tell us the name of the new ship already!

5:25 EST Data for President!

5:24 EST A lot of comparing Star Trek to the current world going on.

5:22 EST The full panel.

5:20 EST Jerri Ryan talking about the Borg.

5:19 EST: Shatner says he would love to play Kirk again.

5: 18 EST: As is Michael Dorn.

5:17 EST: Brent Spiner is on stage!

5:23 EST: Roddenberry was trying to livesteam and security apparently shut it down.

5:11 EST: Fuller knows what we want to hear.

5:09 EST: Almost!

5:06 EST: The WB panel ran right up to the mark, so it’s taking some time to get everyone in and settled.

4:58 EST: Shatner alert!

4:56 EST: They are clearing the hall from the last panel, we should be getting started soon.

4:53 EST: Just Bryan Fuller being awesome and passing out donuts before the panel begins.


I’m glad Fuller is our showrunner!

4:30 EST: We are only thirty minutes away!

3:30 EST: The Roddenberry Vault panel is streaming now live!

3:00 EST: We know we will more than likely be hearing a lot about the new CBS Star Trek series, including the name of the show.

2:43 EST: Keep it right here to catch all the news direct from San Diego Comic-Con and the CBS featured panel ‘Star Trek: Celebrating 50 Years.’

The Panel Starts at 2pm Pacific, so that’s 3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, and 5pm Eastern.