4 epic Star Trek Discovery fan theories

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Star Trek Apocalypse

This theory says that perhaps Discovery isn’t a brand new Starfleet vessel at all. Maybe the reason Discovery is coming out of a secret asteroid base while imposing and ominous music plays is that the series is set in a darker time, a time when the galaxy has suffered some sort of great apocalypse.

If Star Trek Discovery were set in the distant future, even by Star Trek standards, hundreds of years after Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Trek: Voyager. The once mighty Federation is now a shell of its former self and has used the last of its resources to build once last ship. Maybe they don’t even have the ability to create a new ship, perhaps the ship is a mixed vessel made from the wrecks of other vessels. That might explain why Discovery looks like it’s part Klingon Battle Cruiser or Cardassian Galor class. Being built from older ships would also explain that low registry number.

The Discovery’s mission would be to try to reestablish the lines of communication between former Federation worlds and patch together a new Federation.

The Star Trek apocalypse theory would make for some compelling Trek, and would certainly open up the galaxy to some fresh ideas and adventures.