Star Trek Discovery: Our Top 10 Picks For Captain

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Katee Sackoff

Katee Sackoff is a nerd legend for her portrayal of Starbuck in the 2004-2009Battlestar Galactica series reboot. Sackoff took a part that was filled by a male actor in the original Battlestar series and proved that she could not only handle the role, but that she could make the role her own and become the standard all future Starbucks will be measured to.

Star Trek has had a female captain before in Kathryn Janeway and we don’t want to take anything away from the job Kate Mulgrew did on Star Trek: Voyager. Janeway, however, was probably one of the most rigidly written Star Trek captains of all time. This limited Mulgrew’s ability to truly flourish in the role. Katee Sackoff would certainly have more freedom on Star Trek Discovery.

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