The best Star Trek spoofs

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Star Trek and its actors have never been afraid to take part in a little self roasting of the beloved franchise, and these are some the best Trek spoofs out there!

ICYMIHere are our top 10 picks to take the captain’s chair on Star Trek Discovery.

Over the course of the years that Star Trek has graced both our TV and cinema screens, there has been plenty of parodies and spoofs aimed at the beloved franchise. Most have been in good humor and are a loving comedic tribute to the universe created by Gene Roddenberry 50 years ago.

The best of these spoofs are of course the ones in which the actors from Star Trek take an active part! To me, that is part of what makes the franchise so enduring, the Star Trek alumni are still willing to participate in a skit or sketch honoring Trek. It show’s that even after all this time they still enjoy being  a part of Star Trek and do not take themselves too seriously.

So here are a few of the best examples of Star Trek alumni spoofing Trek.

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