PR firm invites Star Wars website to Star Trek night

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A public relations firm sent us a wonderful email about the Boston Red Sox having a Star Trek night, the only problem is they sent it to our Star Wars website.

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We got this wonderful email from a PR firm looking to promote the Boston Red Sox’s Star Trek night, the only problem is they sent it to Dorkside of the Force, our Star Wars site. Once again our beloved science fiction series based on science and a bold future for humanity is being confused with a magic space western fairy tale starring Jar Jar Binks.

Here’s a look at the email we received.

Wow, Star Trek night sure does sound fun, but I’m not sure the Ewoks over at Dorkside of the Force are all that interested.

Now maybe this was sent to just a ton of blogs and sites that might have been interested in Boston Comic-Con… but out other entertainment sites didn’t get the email, only our Star Wars site did.

You might say that this is an understandable error, but shouldn’t you do just a little bit of research on Star Trek if you’re promoting Star Trek night for the Boston Red Sox?

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