10 must have Star Trek gadgets

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Star Trek Beyond replica survival jacket

I’m going to warn you now, things will begin to get a little bit more pricey but the coolness is about to go beyond (see what I did there) what has come before. Anovos is an amazing site that specialises in producing replica props and costumes from your favourite franchises that include Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and of course, Star Trek. The costumes in particular are out of this world and even though they have a bunch of replica uniforms from across the Star Trek franchise, is this jacket that stands out to me the most. I loved the new uniforms in the new film (much improved on those found in the 2009 reboot and Into Darkness) but when I saw this jacket I fell in love with it. The Jacket is available as a preorder and will cost $575.00

Available from Anovos.com

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