Obsessed Star Trek fan loses mind at Gamestop


One Star Trek fan allegedly lost his mind over the new Kelvin timeline movies in a Gamestop of all places.

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I was browsing the Fallout 4 wiki the other day when I came across this tale of Star Trek fandom gone wrong.

ZackyWacky5042 writes:

"So I walked into a GameStop yesterday to preorder Skyrim Special Edition and the weirdest thing happened. So I walked into the store and it was empty except for myself and some other guy. Well before I preordered the game, I wanted to take a look around. While looking, I hear a crash and when I turn around the other guy is throwing Star Trek toys onto the ground. The guy at the register(who is also the manager) walked over there and began to yell and tell him to get out of the store. The guy yelled back at him and said he had to send a message that Star Trek is dead and that his childhood is ruined. Well the manager keeps telling the guy to leave. He leaves and once I finally start to get the game ordered, the guy runs in with this steel pipe thing and starts hitting a PS4 that is on display so people can play it. He went right through the glass case it was in. The manager walks over to him yanked the pipe out of the guys hand and then forcefully removed him from the store. After that I get the game pre-ordered and begin to leave. I don’t know if the new movie sucked or not(Star Wars for life), but it really makes me laugh when grown men say there childhoods are ruined because they dislike a new movie."

Now we don’t know if that story is true or not, but I’m not one to doubt a source named ZachyWacky myself. What we do know is that we’ve all seen these types of Star Trek fans online. There is a small group of angry malcontents in the Star Trek fanbase that are just determined to ruin everyone’s fun. “I’ll throw toys on the floor, that will show Paramount!” said the crazy man.

Maybe they’re angry about the Kelvin timeline movies, maybe they are angry about Paramount shutting down Axanar, perhaps their rage is directed at Star Trek Discovery; the target of their hate doesn’t really matter. They are lurking, ready to angrily comment on every story about how (insert literally anything here) is ruining Star Trek. It only make sense, as they have decided that only they are allowed to determine what is and isn’t “real” Star Trek.

Why are new movies or new shows ruining their love for TOS or TNG? Well they don’t really ever have a good answer other than “it’s not the way it used to be.” In the end they are just sad people upset that new people are enjoying new things in the Star Trek franchise. Even if you hate the new Kelvin movies it shouldn’t have any effect on how much you enjoy the original Star Trek movies. If you don’t like something, then don’t watch it.

Not watching isn’t enough for these brave warriors though, they need to attack any Star Trek fans that disagree with them.

The favorite line of attack for these angry Ferengi is to start the “real Star Trek fans…” discussion. They are quick to dismiss anyones opinion, based on whether or not they consider them to be “real” Star Trek fans. What’s a “real” Star Trek fan? Well to these malcontents it’s whatever they decide in the moment…

Oh, you like Voyager? NOT A REAL STAR TREK FAN!

Oh, you like Enterprise? NOT A REAL STAR TREK FAN!

Oh, you don’t know William Shatner’s dog’s name? NOT A REAL STAR TREK FAN!

Amazingly despite Star Trek’s reputation of always being a forward thinking franchise they are also consistently angry about social issues being explored by the series. I had to leave several Star Trek Facebook fan pages I used to enjoy because of the crazy hate being spewed over Sulu being gay in Star Trek Beyond. In some cases the pages themselves were even condoning and encouraging the insane comments!

In the end we should all be fine enjoying the parts of Star Trek we enjoy, and letting others enjoy the parts of the franchise they enjoy. Please though, don’t try to explain this to the angry troglodytes screaming and yelling on social media though, they aren’t ever going to listen anyway. The best way to handle these fools is to ignore them and go enjoy Star Trek!

So it doesn’t matter if you love the Kelvin movies or hate them, if you are excited for Star Trek Discovery or couldn’t care less, if you love some part of Trek then you are my friend!

Live long and prosper!

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