Whoopi Goldberg wants to be part of Star Trek Discovery


Whoopi Goldberg says she’s trying to get on Star Trek Discovery and bring back Guinan.

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Whoopi Goldberg’s trip to the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention was a huge success. Whoopi shared some fantastic secrets about her beloved Star Trek: The Next Generation character Guinan, and even talked about bringing her to Star Trek Discovery.

Whoopi Goldberg took the stage at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention to huge cheers and she didn’t disappoint.

Goldberg shared some fantastic secrets about Guinan including that Guinan and Q are equals. This explains the almost frightened reaction Q had to Guinan.

"“She and Q are equals. And we both could actually crush the universe — If we wanted to.”"

She even teased that Q and Guinan might have a very personal history.

"“They may have a baby. I’m not saying,”"

Whoopi also explained a bit of Guinan’s backstory saying that Gene Roddenberry had told her that she could be anyone on the casts great, great, great, great grandmother.

"“I always assumed Guinan was Picard’s great, great, great, great grandmother.”"

Goldberg even talked about Guinan’s beloved hats.

"“I loved my hats. If you look at the hats very closely, they’re the ship. They’re the front of the ship.”"

Does this mean we need someone with a triangle hat on Star Trek Discovery?

Speaking of Discovery Whoopi sounds like she’d love to be on the new Star Trek series.

"“trying to get on that”"

Guinan could certainly be on a Star Trek series set before Star Trek: The Original Series, remember she was also on earth in the 1890’s. Maybe Star Trek Discovery will shed even more light on the mysterious El-Aurians!

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