William Shatner: Star Wars created Star Trek. You know that?

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The gadgets on Star Trek have inspired scientists and inventors in the real world.

Cell phones and tablet computers are two things we have today that were explored on Star Trek. They aren’t the only two examples though, there’s work being done right now on 3D printers that could print organic material, that’s a food replicator. Because Star Trek is based in science the gadgets used on the show were things the writers saw in the future of humanity, you don’t necessarily find this in Star Wars.

Perhaps there is someone out there working on a Death Star and a laser sword, but we certainly hope not. The gadgets in Star wars are about destruction and a cool movie, the gadgets in Star Trek are about a possible brighter future for humanity through science.

Here’s what William Shatner had to say about science and science fiction.

"“All these imaginative exercises in science fiction [are] merely food for the imagination of scientists who are actually working with technology that is.” – William Shatner"

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