Star Trek Discovery to have female lead


Star Trek Discovery will feature Star Trek’s second female series captain and a very diverse crew.

ICYMI: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Barry Jenner has passed away at the age of 75.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Star Trek Discovery will feature the second female series captain in the Star Trek franchise have a female lead who may not be the captain and a very diverse group of characters that will include a female and male admiral, a British doctor, a Klingon captain, a male adviser, and an openly gay actor playing one of the leads.

Since one of the characters is going to be gay it’s probably that actor as well.

More aliens is a great move, the Federation was made up of hundreds of worlds, but the crews were always mostly human.

A British doctor you say?

That’s not all though, we also know that the first season of the series will be 13 episodes long.

They also said those 13 episodes will tell one story. So Star Trek Discovery will be like most modern television shows and be a serial series.

CBS is also committed to the title, which should be shortened to DSC.

There’s also a Star Trek Discovery behind the scenes reel that we will get posted as soon as it’s up online.

We also learned that Discovery will be set ten years before Star Trek: The Original Series and sadly will not be about the Romulan War.

Fuller also said that they will be using the TOS iconography.

"“We’re most closer to Kirk’s mission and get to play with that iconography.” – Bryan Fuller"

This is very exciting news indeed, who else is ready for January 2017?

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