Why Star Trek has lasted for fifty years

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Star Trek is set to celebrate its 50th anniversary next month, but why has Trek endured over the years while other science fiction franchises have not?

Star Trek is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary and is in the middle of a franchise renaissance. A new Trek movie has just been released and a new television series from CBS is on the horizon. Why has Trek lasted through the years though when so many other science fiction franchises have not?

ICYMI: Seven of Nine was supposed to be in Nemesis, but Jeri Ryan declined the role due to not wanting to be pigeon holded.

Trek shows an optimistic vision of the future

This is of course the point that was made most frequently last night in the 50 Years of Star Trek special on The History Channel. Trek shows a future for humanity that is optimistic and prosperous, thanks to science and understanding. It’s a future for  humanity that is no longer plagued by problems like hunger and greed; those have been eliminated with the help of science and technology.

So many science fiction shows like Battlestar Galatica show a human race suffering from all the same problems we have today, despite a more technologically advanced civilization. Other franchises like The Hunger Games even show humanity falling into a much darker reality than the one it’s currently in. These bleak visions of the future aren’t bad, many tell compelling and wonderful stories, but they don’t inspire the way Trek does.

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