Why Star Trek has lasted for fifty years

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Star Trek allowed you to make up your own mind

In Star Trek the viewer is presented with numerous philosophies and viewpoints and it’s left to them what to decide they think about those belief systems. Trek showed the good and bad of its many different philosophies. How many times did a captain have to make a choice based on whether or not to violate the Prime Directive?

The Federation might have been an evolved human society without hunger and want, but it still faced real problems with its philosophy. These problems weren’t ignored, they were brought to the forefront and examined.

Whether it’s the humanism of the Federation, or the utilitarianism of Spock, you can make up your own mind on them.

No  philosophy or stance is considered to be right or perfect in Star Trek; all points of view come with their own problems.  It’s up to you to decide what you think is “right” and “wrong.” Which makes Trek unique in science fiction because it isn’t always telling the viewer who the bad guy is. There’s no light side and dark side, there’s only people doing the best they can and working together.

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