15 inspired pieces of Star Trek art

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Artist: David Milburn

Website: random-imaginings.co.uk

Well if this was a competition than I think we can all agree that I have saved the best till last, this is just an eye popping piece of art that should be in the Louvre…


OK you have caught me out, yes this is actually one of my own images that I am using for this gallery but it is also an image I am proud of. I might have slightly made Kirk a bit more muscular than he actually is, but I wanted to capture the intimidation of Khan and the fact he is genetically engineered to be stronger and faster. The anger in Kirk’s face as he knows that if he loses this fight, it’s not only his life gone but that of his crew as well.

I hope that you have enjoyed this, relatively small amount of Star Trek related art and it is small really because if you go onto sites like DeviantArt you will find a plethora of art that will please both your artistic and Star Trek taste.

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