15 inspired pieces of Star Trek art

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Artist: Greg Joens

Website: gregchapin.deviantart.com

If one thing is true from looking at Greg Joens gallery on his DeviantArt page, is that he is one very talented individual. Proficient in pencil work, digital art, painting and even cartoons and illustrations. However it is not only Dr Leonard McCoy that Greg has done a portrait of, on his gallery you will find equally brilliant images of Captain Kirk, Mr. Sulu,, Scotty and Mr Spock. I don’t know the reasons why this portrait stood out the most to me though, I just think that Greg Joens has captured the essence of Deforest Kelley in his most famous role. If you look closely at the image above you can just see that almost dumbfounded expression of exasperation that often came after a discussion or interaction with Mr Spock.

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