15 inspired pieces of Star Trek art

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Artist: Dusty Abell

Website: dusty-abell.deviantart.com

Dusty Abell is a name that you should be familiar with if you have been following the Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years exhibition as he produced one of the greatest and more popular images within that art show. His art work entitled Star Trek TOS Official Poster featured every character including crew members and aliens from the original series of Star Trek, It can also be purchased as a print from his official store by clicking this link.

For me the above image is just as good as I am a massive fan of the animated series of Star Trek and this fills me with with nostalgia for that show, but also with a sense of what could be. This image shows how good an animated series could look if CBS ever decided to go back down that route. I for one, think an animated series would be a great idea at some point in the future.

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