LCARS and Star Trek computer voice coming to your device?


The voice of Majel Barret from the Star Trek LCARS and Enterprise computer systems might soon be heard on your various devices.

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Majel Barrett is synonymous with the world of Star Trek having appeared in many of the shows incarnations from the Original Series in which she played Nurse Chapel, to the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine where she portrayed the insanely overbearing and interfering mother of Deanna Troi. What some of the more casual Star Trek fans among you might not actually realize is that Barrett could also be heard throughout all the shows (which exception to Enterprise) and films and that is because she voiced the computer systems on board the USS Enterprise.

It now looks like we will be hearing her delightful tones once again with a tweet by the the official Roddenberry Twitter account revealing that they are working on getting Majel Barrett onto your individual mobile devices.

Here’s the tweet:

So this indicates that they have vast recordings of her voice phonetically and are working on transferring them to digital so that they can be used on modern devices. Depending on the extend of the recordings they might be able to manipulate them once digitized, to answer specific requests. This could mean then, if they are successful (and I for one really hope they are) we could soon have Siri or Cortina or any other devices that have a voice activate response, talk back to us in the unique voice of the late, great Majel Barrett.

The tweet also hints that she could be be used at the computer on Star Trek Discovery which I think would be a wonderful thing to have as it would really help link the show to The Original Series.

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