Star Trek Beyond $31.3 million China opening


After Star Trek Beyond and it’s disappointing performance at the domestic box office, it has opened to an impressive performance within the China market.

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I think it’s safe to say that Paramount and the producer’s of Star Trek Beyond was hoping for better business in the domestic market when it opened in July. Even though the film was a critical hit, It was widely reported that it under performed and took in less money than it predecessor Star Trek into Darkness, even though that film was not well received by fans.

Into Dakrness managed to bring in $466 million worldwide (which includes $232 million in the US) which compared to the $285 Million worldwide takings that Beyond has attracted so far (including $154 million in the US) shows just how much the latest installment in the Kelvin Timeline has lagged behind.

However all that could change now that the film has opened in the Chinese market, which is after all seen as a vital part of the international cinema market and can help make or break a film in terms of box office takings. It also wont do Beyond any harm by being co-financed by Alibaba Pictures and Huahua Media who are two Chinese based organizations. During it’s opening weekend at the Chinese box office Beyond has already brought in an impressive $31 million which will only continue to grow during the films release. Will this mean it will eventually surpass the money made by Into Darkness? Only time will tell.

As well as the good news of Beyond’s performance so far in China we have been blessed with another outstanding poster as part of the film’s marketing campaign, which for me has been one of the main reasons for the film performing so well. Take a look at this beauty:

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