The Wisdom of Spock

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Star Trek: The Original Series “Space Seed”

This classic Spock quote comes from the “Space Seed” episode of Star Trek: The Original Series.  In “Space Seed” the crew meets Khan Noonien Singh, though they aren’t sure who, or what, he is in the beginning.

The quote is said during an exchange with Kirk.

"Captain James T. Kirk: You suspect some danger? Mr. Spock: Insufficient facts always invites danger, Captain. Captain James T. Kirk: Well, I’d better get some facts."

We humans have a tendency to launch forward with our plans before we know what we are getting into. Spock of course is a Vulcan and looks at every thing twice before acting. Now we probably can’t be a Vulcan about our lives, we might end up being paralyzed, but thinking a little more before we act wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

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