The Federation Is Not Fascist

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Some of the Star Trek bad guys feel fascist.

The video claims that since some of the bad guys like Admiral Marcus and Section 31 feel fascist the Federation is fascist. This is like saying that because Anikan Skywalker killed all those kids the Ewoks are murderers too. This point makes no sense at all.

These characters are bad guys, they are people the rest of the Federation rejects and ends up trying to stop… because the Federation doesn’t like what they are doing. Hitler was an actual fascist, but that didn’t make everyone who fought against him fascists too.

On top of this let’s look at the fact that the Federation, who the video said was fascist because it was controlling information and being the center of the story, is telling these stories.

This point was so bad it only took three paragraphs to break it apart, so let’s look at one final point…

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