A legal scholar’s hot take on Star Trek vs Star Wars

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Star Trek (NBC)

1966 – 1969

Shown from left: Leonard Nimoy (as Lt. Cmdr. Spock), William Shatner (as Captain James T. Kirk)

Legal scholar Cass Sunstein breaks down the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars.

ICYMI: Trekkie Tom Hanks once snuck onto the set of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

We know the Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate has been done over and over, but we thought this video of legal scholar Cass Sunstein discussing it was fascinating. Sunstein argues that the difference lies in the literary tone of Star Trek compared to the purely artistic take of Star Wars.

It’s certainly an interesting take on this classic nerd debate.

Although we love Star Wars, we of course think Star Trek is the superior franchise. Here are just a few differences in the two franchises…

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