Alien Species We Want To See In Star Trek Discovery

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Here are the Star Trek alien species we want to see make a return in Star Trek Discovery!

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You can almost guarantee that Star Trek Discovery will have appearances from Klingons and Vulcans, it is a Star Trek show after all, but what about the other alien species?

One species that we can probably expect to see is the Andorians thanks to this tweet from former Star Trek Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller.

Those certainly do look like unfinished Andorian antennae don’t they? This isn’t the first time Bryan Fuller has tweeted an unfinished version of a prop, he also tweeted a picture of the wooden skeleton of the Discovery’s captain’s chair.

So they Andorians are back… but what other classic Trek aliens will be reappearing? Click the button below to check out the Star Trek alien species we want to see make an appearance in Star Trek Discovery.

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