VIDEO: Star Trek Beyond and Mars Attacks


A hilarious video combining the musical attack moments from Star Trek Beyond and Mars Attacks.

The moment in Star Trek Beyond where Kirk and crew on board the U.S.S. Franklin attack the swarm ships using music is a little bit cheezy. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Star Trek Beyond, but that scene was a bit silly. It was one of those movie moments where you feel like it’s cheesy, but you also love it at the same time.

Of course the scene also got compared to Mars Attacks. In Mars Attacks the final solution to the martian invasion is very similar to the solution to beating the swarm ships. In both cases music kills the bad guys.

So How It Should Have Ended decided to do a remix of the two, and the result was this hilarious video.

I don’t think it’s terrible that Star Trek Beyond used a movie trope that is similar to the one used in Mars Attacks. There have been a lot of movies, and if you automatically rule out anything that has been in any other film you aren’t left with a lot in the end.

I see it the same way as the “the Simpsons did it” South Park episode. You have to do something and every story has been told somewhere before.

Even without this scene Star Trek Beyond was a great Star Trek movie in my opinion. So I’m fine with the music solution being similar to Mars Attacks. Star Trek Beyond might not have been everything I’ve ever wanted in a Star Trek film, but it was the best of the Kelvin timeline in my eyes. I can also laugh at Trek when it’s funny, and this happens to be pretty funny.

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